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DESCRIPTION - On the new LP titled “Mutt” recorded between May 2008 to October 2009 for
PPM, Total Abuse finally cement a marriage between their obsession with early UK power electronics, and early eighties american hardcore. Since their humble beginnings they have been hinting at the sound, and on Mutt they deliver full force. Heavy feedback infused hardcore soundscapes, not for the weary.
Only available on Vinyl and Digital, the LP comes with printed inner 12” sleeve and a 24 page zine, and free download.

get direct from PPM:


100 white (mailorder only) 900 black



Tell me some new things about the new album.

mutt is the strongest total abuse material yet. it took us almost 3 years
to make it and i think it shows. we took our time. it is a record
about being a slave to your fantasy. about being imprisoned by desire
and need. about the symbiosis pervert and pornography. about
the frustration in realizing you are one of the bad people in the
world. desire rules all. it is not good. i do not embrace this fact.

I am sure you've been asked before, but How much does Peter Sotos'
work influence the band? Are you all just fans of his/get a band name,
or does his work impact you all more?

I can't speak for the rest of the band but , Sotos is one of my
favorite writers bar none. His work and ideas have been very
influential to some of the concepts and lyrics behind total abuse.
The name of the band refers to a collection of the earliest sotos
writings. Some of his most base and ugly work. I think it matched
well. But I must say i think people tend to only dabble in those early
writings due to their availability on the internet and never get a
chance to read his more complex and (I think) stronger material. I
recommend everyone getting their hands on a copy of "selfish, little:
the annotated lesley anne downey" or "predicate" to start off with.
Sotos is just an incredible writer.

Do you like power?

Do you want power?


If you had all power what would you do with it?

I can't answer that because it will never happen

How can I cleanse you?

You can't. I wish you could.

Why does someone from revhq hate you?

Because some of the members (including myself) have a big mouth. We
tend to talk too much about too many touchy things. We should probably
shut up.

Tell me something about Austin, that is where you are from right?

Austin is a lazy town. Everyone talks about big plans and schemes but
don't accomplish much. It's too easy to get by doing nothing. So much
potential goes to waste. I gotta get out.

Were you in a band when you were younger and did your father drive you
on tours? (I heard someone say that once.) Tell me about how that was
if you are the correct band.

Ryan, Duncan and I (Rusty) were in the snobs. We released two 7"s on
my war records (RIP). Dave (the singer)'s dad drove the band to posi
numbers 02.

Are you a bad man?

Sometimes. I have bad things inside my heart i think. Bad thoughts.

Please tell me something humiliating. (either about yourself or someone else).

people view me as a real life sex pig. I look like a walking slob. I
am aware of how disgusting i look. Things will never change. i wish
they would.

What are some of your most listened to records right now?

the dead c - harsh 70s reality 2xLP
swans - public castration is a good idea 2xLP
judee sill - judee sill LP (i do not own the actual copy of this)
sonic youth - evol LP
trop tard - ils etaient 9 dans l'obscurité LP (i do not own the actual
copy of this)
vile gash - s/t EP
virgin spring - absolute decline cs
rene hell - 18:54 torture hour cs
martial canterel - cruelty reigns through ages cs
nagamatzu - sacred islands of the mad cs (i do not own the actual copy of this)

Explain sex pig please. I like that one a whole lot.

the song is about a specific time in the fall of 2006. the song is about living in your house and never leaving. It is about watching pornography online and accepting the fact that you really are
a disgusting creep. you are not normal. you are hiding strange secrets
and desires that are sadly very very real.

Any upcoming tour plans?

we are touring through europe this summer.

I am pretty stupid, ugly, untalented, my thoughts are worthless and so
are my everyday motions. Do you think I have a place I can go to?
Remember, I do not bring anything to the table. Is that ok with you?

i don't think your thoughts are worthless. this is the best total
abuse interview we have ever been given. the questions are creative
and interesting. actually worthwhile. please keep doing the things you
are doing. stay afloat.

What turns you on?

too personal. can't answer. i'm sorry.

What was the most forgettable worthless experience had as a band?

playing with all kinds of horrific jocks disguised as punks like seasick.

What makes you nervous?

women and men talking about me

Is it weird for people to tell you they like your band a lot?

no. we create it so that others can enjoy it. or we hope they do. we
appreciate any positive and negative comments.

Do you like your own work?

yes. i am the biggest fan of total abuse. i put all of myself and my
ideas into it. maybe this is foolish but i hope not. the new album
mutt i feel is total abuse's strongest moment so far. i urge everyone
to try and purchase a physical copy of mutt as the art and writings
inside are needed to fully understand all the concepts within the

Do you have a constant idea or theme you work with (your artwork/movie included)

i think i am constantly struggling with what is in my mind. how much
it scares me... or how much i wish it to be reality. the idea that there
is a line where something is in your mind and then you make it real. how
long does it take for the line to be crossed? what does it take? how
do we try and hide those things inside our minds? how strong is
denial? what is pornography and what isn't? fantasy is all we have.
our struggle is and always has been trying to make that fantasy as
real as possible.

Is there a big connection to your art and music?

in some regards yes. total abuse and breathing problem (my solo
electronics project) share similar concepts. they are a part of of the
overarching theme within much of my work.

thurible is a different entity. that film is more about the importance
of ritual in our lives. the importance of finding meaning in harsh
reality. finding our own religion when we know god can't exist.

certain aspects of the breathing problem magazine series are focused on taking specific found images and putting them in an ambiguous context...then seeing what kind of response comes out of the viewer. how they personally attach their own meaning.

Who is your favorite artist?

terrence malick, werner herzog, peter sotos, alain robbe grillet,
harmony korine, dennis cooper, mikaylah bowman, gaspar noe, david lynch, fredrick
wiseman...more more

Can you give me some girl advice please?

trust and respect women. they create life. they are
beautiful. they are better.

How old are you?


Who are you addressing in your songs? Do they hear it?

i am addressing myself and trying to show myself the light. to let
myself see how i am shielding myself from the truth. then hoping
others see that truth as well. many of us men are perverts and
reptiles. we must understand this fact. that does not mean we can
change it. i don't know where to go from there...

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