Friday, December 31, 2010

Visual Proof Of Moving Images

Secrets and Discipline. Dahlia Shapiro playing bass.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

third vote

Total Abuse - Mutt
One of the most intense modern hardcore records I've heard in quite awhile. It's also one of the most effective 'concept' albums ever, with it's concept being for every song to express the shame and disgusting nature of sex. Listening to this album with the lyrics available is exhausting and makes you feel absolute shame and horror about any of your desires.

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another vote

5. Total Abuse- Mutt
The mysterious hardcore still prevails in the likes of Total Abuse. Although I hate the term used to describe these type of bands, this record was pure heinous. I guarantee you that this band will eventually get compared to Poison Idea, if that hasn't been brought up. "Caligula" will probably rank as the best hardcore song in latter years, when people start to recognize the pure brutality of the underrated bands in today's scene. It seems like everything this band does is pure genius. I mean, I haven't came across a bad LP or EP from these fellas.

Sunday, December 12, 2010


5. Total Abuse, Mutt (10)
Harnessing the feedback-laced hardcore of Black Flag, Born Against, and Void, Austin’s Total Abuse adds unsavory lyrical content and an unwholesome sheen of skronk to whip up Mutt. Squirrelly and perverted (song titles include “Eunuch,” “Caligula,” “14 Years Old,” and “Fluid Exchange”), the album oozes sonic and moral squalor in equal—read: copious—quantities.,48711/

JASON HELLER of the Onion A/V Club