Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Total Abuse are from Austin, Texas. Since their fi rst show in November 2006 TA have been recording and playing a heavy onslaught of feedback drenched hardcore soundscapes, taking hints from the Dead C, Black Flag (Chavo and Rollins era), Void and Harry Pussy. Members now live in New York, Oakland and Austin and get together as much as possible to record and destroy ears live. On their third LP "Prison Sweat" Total Abuse blast and sometimes almost sludge through 7 tracks of great hardcore punk (with two tracks reaching over the 7 minute mark). Opening with an opus of blistering, seething, crunching noise then bursting into tracks that are as catchy and nauseous as their infl uences, This is Total Abuse at their best and most ferociously open. A record dealing with the swollen heart of chemical addiction and the firm nature of man's self destructive intentions. Written and recorded in the dead of Texas winter 2010, full of desperation and pure selfish self gratification in mind. This record is about trying to come out the other side alive...Here TA posses an honesty and anger missing from a lot of their contemporaries allowing them to dwell deep in your brain for a long while after you listen. First pressing is a limited run of 500. 100 on white vinyl (mailorder only) Art by William Boone and
an essay written by M.Kitchell specifically for this record and it's themes / concepts.





Total Abuse - Masked Killer


Total Abuse - Hogg


Wednesday, October 5, 2011


White Dog is comprised of Rusty Kelley (drums and electronics) and Matt Lyons from Total Abuse ( guitar), Veronica Ortuno from Finally Punk and The Carrots (guitar and sax), Photographer Mikaylah Bowman (vocals) and Mike Naccarato from Rayon Beach (sax and drums). From Austin Texas and New York, White Dog have been playing in various forms since 2009 and have since released two limited cassettes. Focusing on improvisation, trash, dirt, broken pedals, pawn shop saxaphones and the worship and love of the mistake and the accidental, They grab you by your eardrums and pull your inner-anything to the front and call attention to it, full force. "Triturate" is White Dog's first cohesive statement, taking influence from other mutant free noise projects like Harry Pussy, Hijokaiden, Borbetomagus, The Blue Humans etc. they are careful to nod but not imitate, creating a pleasurable and painful listen that leaves the listener feeling exhausted and wanting more. Limited to 500, silk screened covers. PPM records.

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