Friday, May 20, 2011


THIS IS WHAT YOUR FATHER WOULD HAVE WANTED by Rusty Kelley- Magazine / Zine (?)

contains writing and images from here and elsewhere.


In Rusty Kelley’s This Is What Your Father Would Have Wanted, the convoluted and circuitous netherworld of “net” memes and cyber vernacular stands as a zeitgeist to the breakdown of communication, both on a macro and micro level, found in contemporary American society. Ridden with emulative non-sequiturs in the respective realms of thought, grammatical modes, and structured communication, the work most brazenly critiques and appraises the maelstrom of semiotic offenses found in today’s popular culture through a highly sardonic and hyper-aware approach. Kelley primarily steers his commentary toward a limpid but wry examination of modernity and especially its tendency worship at the altar of the crude, callow, and yet eminently puissant temple of anti-communication and dis-connectivity. He tempers such an expansive and satiric approach with a more earnest and personal methodology through a series of narratives and allegories of his own experiential interactions with the repercussions of this race toward oblivion. Finally, Kelley utilizes a graphic element to even further illustrate the extreme, lurid repercussions of the future’s degenerative decadence. This Is What Your Father Would Have Wanted neither celebrates nor laments our decay. It is neither gleeful nor elegiac in tone. Rather, it is an acceptance of inevitability if not reluctance. Perhaps the work even approaches an expiatory and propitiatory tone in regard to its own wretched indulgences. It is a work by anyone and for no one.

-Charlie Willhoit

Sealed in a poly bag, and covered with a vellum dust jacket. Edition of 75.