Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Total Abuse is again.

The powers that be maintain we were never fully gone. Death rattles are strange things. Our little project that took place in the time period of 2006-2011 made it's small and strange mark upon the world of sound / music. It was thrown in the grave because of personal problems with the players involved. Insanity and the very human desire to hurt one's self took over and the players knew Total Abuse could not go on. When the dust settled and the eyes focused we saw ourselves scattered across the psychic plane. Wandering helplessly but fully aware we were still filled with ideas and the thirst for more music. Total Abuse has more to offer in 2013 than ever before. In the unforgiving and small minded world of HARDCORE PUNK most will laugh and spit. But that has always been the case with our group. Total Abuse has always intended to exist outside of that very weird world anyway with one leg stuck in and out. Look out into the world and see the light. I am sorry for my sins. Forgiveness is real.





TOTAL ABUSE - first show in 2 years

RECIDE - fast modern hardcore for the new age

CAPTIVE - new romance

OFFICER PROBLEM - noisecore hell noise

BP VS BRR - metal wires broken electronic voices





Tuesday, May 8, 2012


We are reverting back to old habits. nothing moving to it's right place. are you planning on starting a project for every genre you happen to cross paths with? you currently have a few secret bands. but can't get it right. the tumblr seems intense and strange enough. not too many notes. but enough to where you know people are reading right? i used to think i needed the approval of the internet and then i was sure i needed it there by my bedside. the gratification one gets from knowing they or their project (meaning they) is trending at the moment is indescribable and almost erotic. the power. the stats. the reblogs. i do not say this jokingly. to know you or you're "thing" is big is a huge surge of energy within the core. how does it feel to have a project that is being acknowledged by the powers that be? how does it feel to have that like (faccebook) by the man or woman or entity you respect. what was it like to see the email where they asked you to do the art for a limited but popular rerelease of record they had once had their hand in. you did the layout not the art though. but you were still a part of that magic weren't you....right? im sure of it. i want you to be aware of this. this fact. when they finally asked for your project. your band. to be put out on the label. how did it feel. few know. how did it feel to have that kind of recognition / approval / support / peace .... inner peace. what did it feel like? when the copies were sent out. a few months late. but it came out. they heard it. they posted links on the sites. they liked it. it felt good. and you kept going didn't you . you kept searching for the new updates / thoughts / reblogs and you knew it was going to be ok. you were in the lexicon. do you like my new project? do you like the genre in which the project safely fits? do you like it?

Thursday, April 19, 2012


is this really what's going on?? seriously??

you guys are really into "moshing" hu8h? like slam dancing?? like your just into that ignorant negativity that seethed through the like uh like early 80s LA hardcore scne? really? just you know straight forward fucked up harsh hardcore? right man? man i just wanna go to a show and get so fucking stupid and (im straight edge) just fucking bash a girl in the face and mosh so hard. i like sheer terror too you know. just like get dumb with that shit dude. fucking stupid. like ignorant hate mosh. like i might even bring a fucking bat to a show. just go off. like if you're into the way TOO FUCKING BAD bro. ha no but seriously check out these pictures of my girlfriend...

man our demo is just some fucking like ignorant stupid scribbles of like this masked hardcore dude with muscles with Xs on his fists just fucking hard dude. like who gives a fuck. fucking hardcore should just be harsh and ignorant. so fucked dude.

what's wrong with you? u fucking pussy. go back home mommy. tell your dad he should check out some flag songs. get married.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


hands down the best review i've ever received (Total Abuse - Prison Sweat LP):

"This is fucked up. Possibly the bleakest thing I've ever heard. Definitely in the same pocket as pigeon religion but with a more hardcore tinge to it. The sound of self-hatred, not just like "I'm depressed, I think I'm a piece of shit" but self-hatred in the sense of actual hate, actual loathing. Intense self-destruction not just in the sense of nihilism but in the sense of an actual true desire to violently destroy ones self, slowly and painfully. It's a really good record." (MM) from MRR

Saturday, December 3, 2011


"Total Abuse have been dishing out their disturbing brand of hardcore music over the span of 3 excellent full length Lp's , a 7" and a demo tape later released on 7" vinyl.

Their new album "Prison Sweat" begins with a long creepy intro of ringing distorted guitars that will make the hair on your arms stand up. As a matter of fact my wife actually burst into the room while I was playing this record in a panic because the intro was actually scaring her and making her uncomfortable (she actually said it sounded like people were being tortured) , and at that very moment I knew this record was special.

After the intro the band throws itself full throttle into a twisted mess of swirling ringing guitars and demented sounding vocals. At times the band takes a slower approach with equally effective results. Honestly, what Total Abuse does better than most bands is set a mood with their music. It's a disturbing mood that will leave you feeling a little dirty in the end, however...feeling dirty never felt so good...Dave G."

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


from a random metal review forum:

Total Abuse - Prison Sweat

Foul hardcore. No ideology, no agenda, no machismo, no posturing, no metal riffs, no 'positivity.' This is just disgusting punk music for when you feel completely sick of everything.

from the onion a/v club:

Total Abuse’s last album, Mutt, made my best-of list for 2010, thanks in part to the band’s unflinching worship of the trailblazing ’80s hardcore band, Void. But Total Abuse is a creature of its own design. The proof is in its latest, Prison Sweat, a gnarled, snarling onslaught of cracked bones and bruised dreams. It’s also far messier and weirder than Mutt, which is quite a perverse accomplishment. Then again, TA eat perversity for Sunday brunch.

from impose magazine:

Total Abuse' Prison Sweat LP opens with 7-minutes of distortion and high-art skronking that screeches and scrawls, functioning as the waking yawns and stretches for the band to rise for track two, "Early Morning". The album intro "First Passage" gives the impression that Total Abuse slept under a bridge last night and a far worse off than you on Monday.

But the feedback fuggery gets Total Abuse limber for "Early Morning," which is a jaw-crack from a billy club for a wake up call. Frontman Rusty Kelley is like Rollins after a coffee enima as he lays out his early bird routine. Kelley yells himself into exhaustion causing "Early Morning" to fall off the rails just under the two-minute mark and that, my friends, is why you should not masturbate before noon.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Total Abuse are from Austin, Texas. Since their fi rst show in November 2006 TA have been recording and playing a heavy onslaught of feedback drenched hardcore soundscapes, taking hints from the Dead C, Black Flag (Chavo and Rollins era), Void and Harry Pussy. Members now live in New York, Oakland and Austin and get together as much as possible to record and destroy ears live. On their third LP "Prison Sweat" Total Abuse blast and sometimes almost sludge through 7 tracks of great hardcore punk (with two tracks reaching over the 7 minute mark). Opening with an opus of blistering, seething, crunching noise then bursting into tracks that are as catchy and nauseous as their infl uences, This is Total Abuse at their best and most ferociously open. A record dealing with the swollen heart of chemical addiction and the firm nature of man's self destructive intentions. Written and recorded in the dead of Texas winter 2010, full of desperation and pure selfish self gratification in mind. This record is about trying to come out the other side alive...Here TA posses an honesty and anger missing from a lot of their contemporaries allowing them to dwell deep in your brain for a long while after you listen. First pressing is a limited run of 500. 100 on white vinyl (mailorder only) Art by William Boone and
an essay written by M.Kitchell specifically for this record and it's themes / concepts.



Total Abuse - Masked Killer

Total Abuse - Hogg