Thursday, April 19, 2012


is this really what's going on?? seriously??

you guys are really into "moshing" hu8h? like slam dancing?? like your just into that ignorant negativity that seethed through the like uh like early 80s LA hardcore scne? really? just you know straight forward fucked up harsh hardcore? right man? man i just wanna go to a show and get so fucking stupid and (im straight edge) just fucking bash a girl in the face and mosh so hard. i like sheer terror too you know. just like get dumb with that shit dude. fucking stupid. like ignorant hate mosh. like i might even bring a fucking bat to a show. just go off. like if you're into the way TOO FUCKING BAD bro. ha no but seriously check out these pictures of my girlfriend...

man our demo is just some fucking like ignorant stupid scribbles of like this masked hardcore dude with muscles with Xs on his fists just fucking hard dude. like who gives a fuck. fucking hardcore should just be harsh and ignorant. so fucked dude.

what's wrong with you? u fucking pussy. go back home mommy. tell your dad he should check out some flag songs. get married.

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