Tuesday, May 8, 2012


We are reverting back to old habits. nothing moving to it's right place. are you planning on starting a project for every genre you happen to cross paths with? you currently have a few secret bands. but can't get it right. the tumblr seems intense and strange enough. not too many notes. but enough to where you know people are reading right? i used to think i needed the approval of the internet and then i was sure i needed it there by my bedside. the gratification one gets from knowing they or their project (meaning they) is trending at the moment is indescribable and almost erotic. the power. the stats. the reblogs. i do not say this jokingly. to know you or you're "thing" is big is a huge surge of energy within the core. how does it feel to have a project that is being acknowledged by the powers that be? how does it feel to have that like (faccebook) by the man or woman or entity you respect. what was it like to see the email where they asked you to do the art for a limited but popular rerelease of record they had once had their hand in. you did the layout not the art though. but you were still a part of that magic weren't you....right? im sure of it. i want you to be aware of this. this fact. when they finally asked for your project. your band. to be put out on the label. how did it feel. few know. how did it feel to have that kind of recognition / approval / support / peace .... inner peace. what did it feel like? when the copies were sent out. a few months late. but it came out. they heard it. they posted links on the sites. they liked it. it felt good. and you kept going didn't you . you kept searching for the new updates / thoughts / reblogs and you knew it was going to be ok. you were in the lexicon. do you like my new project? do you like the genre in which the project safely fits? do you like it?

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