Tuesday, November 8, 2011


from a random metal review forum:

Total Abuse - Prison Sweat

Foul hardcore. No ideology, no agenda, no machismo, no posturing, no metal riffs, no 'positivity.' This is just disgusting punk music for when you feel completely sick of everything.

from the onion a/v club:

Total Abuse’s last album, Mutt, made my best-of list for 2010, thanks in part to the band’s unflinching worship of the trailblazing ’80s hardcore band, Void. But Total Abuse is a creature of its own design. The proof is in its latest, Prison Sweat, a gnarled, snarling onslaught of cracked bones and bruised dreams. It’s also far messier and weirder than Mutt, which is quite a perverse accomplishment. Then again, TA eat perversity for Sunday brunch.

from impose magazine:

Total Abuse' Prison Sweat LP opens with 7-minutes of distortion and high-art skronking that screeches and scrawls, functioning as the waking yawns and stretches for the band to rise for track two, "Early Morning". The album intro "First Passage" gives the impression that Total Abuse slept under a bridge last night and a far worse off than you on Monday.

But the feedback fuggery gets Total Abuse limber for "Early Morning," which is a jaw-crack from a billy club for a wake up call. Frontman Rusty Kelley is like Rollins after a coffee enima as he lays out his early bird routine. Kelley yells himself into exhaustion causing "Early Morning" to fall off the rails just under the two-minute mark and that, my friends, is why you should not masturbate before noon.

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